Hard to believe that summer is coming to an end soon. As custom home builders in Omaha, we know the best time to do home maintenance for the upcoming winter is in the fall. This fall maintenance checklist will help you stay organized and manage your home maintenance easily. If you don’t feel secure on a ladder please have a professional help with your home maintenance.

Fall Home Maintenance

Gutters – Cleaning out the gutters is a thankless but necessary chore. If you feel safe and secure climbing a ladder by all means do it yourself. If not use a service like Angie’s List or Home Advisors to find a reputable company to take care of this job. Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned and cleared regularly to prevent damage to your home’s structure and also a leaky basement. Consider installing gutter shields to prevent debris from accumulating in gutters.

Doors – If your home is older you’ll want to check for drafts and seal your door with weather stripping or caulk. If you windows in the door be sure to check them for drafts too. Depending on the age and condition of your door, you may want to install a new insulated door.

Windows – The same goes for windows. You may want to clean your windows to allow as much winter light to reach inside your home. A summer of rain storms can leave dirty windows behind. Clean with window cleaner or water and vinegar solution. Install any weather stripping and do any caulking necessary to prevents drafts. Close storm windows and main window to create as much of a barrier to the outside elements as possible. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your windows now is a good time to do it, you’ll notice considerable savings on your heating and new windows will provide a nice ROI if you plan on selling your home.

Fireplace – This is another job best done by a professional. Hire a professional chimney sweep to clean your fireplace and chimney and to check for loose bricks or other leaks. Make sure the flue is working properly.

Plumbing – Many HVAC companies provide free inspections of your furnace and other plumbing needs. If yours does be sure to sign up for it. Otherwise ensure that pipes that may be exposed to freezing temperatures are insulated to prevent bursting.

Prune Trees and Shrubs – Wait until after the leaves have changed color to prune your shrubs and trees. Remove any limbs that are growing close to power lines.

Lawn – Pretty soon you won’t need to mow your lawn, however it will need fertilization as the roots grow deeper during the colder months. Use a fertilizer and weed killer combination if you have trouble with weeds in your lawn.

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