No matter what kind of home you live in the odds are good you’re going to have some maintenance. Most new homes are pretty maintenance free and most new homes have decent warranties so you won’t have to make any major repairs. Still, there will come a time when you have a clogged drain, a leaky toilet or maybe you just want to repaint the bedroom. If you are so inclined, you can do many home repairs yourself. You can avoid calling the handyman and save yourself a lot of cash by learning some basic home repair. Of course we don’t recommend doing your own electrical work or gas work. If you smell gas have everyone leave the home immediately and call your utility company after you leave. Leave electrical and gas work to the professionals, but these 5 repair projects you can do yourself are easy for just about anyone to do.

5 Repair Projects You Can Do Yourself

Unclog a Drain – Unclogging a drain is one of the easiest repair projects you’ll have. It’s also the most common. Stay away from harsh chemicals and grab the plunger. The plunger can unclog most drains if the clog is close enough to the sink. For clogs that are further away you may need to call a plumber. Use the flat plunger to unclog sinks and the plunger with the flange to unclog the toilet. If you’re plunging a sink and it’s a double sink close the drain of the sink you aren’t working on. If the plunger doesn’t remove the clog use a small snake to get at clogged hair and other debris. Once removed you can clear out the gunk stuck to the side by putting a cup of baking soda down the drain and then flushing with a few cups of boiling water.

Seal Drafts – Seal windows and doors with caulk to prevent drafts. Caulk during the warmer months and follow directions on tube for best practices. Replace worn out weather stripping around doors and windows too.

Paint – Don’t call a painter, just go to your local hardware store or paint store and tell them what you’re going to be painting. They’ll help you choose the right paint for the job. Be sure to remove any furniture you don’t want to get paint on (or cover with a tarp). Tape off difficult to paint around items like trim and door jambs. Cut into walls first around the ceiling and floor with a small angled paintbrush. Once room is outlined use a roller to fill in walls. Use long up and down strokes. If you can’t finish the project in one day you can cover brushes with plastic wrap or tin foil so they don’t dry out and get hard. When finished rinse brushes with warm water until water runs clear. Hang to dry.

Change Air Filter – If you use your HVAC system to cool and heat your home you should be changing the filters every couple of months or when dirty. Check each month to see the status of the filter and change accordingly. Depending on your system – the more expensive filters don’t make much of a difference. Talk to your installer to find out what they recommend.

Toilets – From a leaky base to the tank running and running, most toilet issues can be repaired without calling a plumber. If you notice water at the base of the toilet and have determined it is not caused by condensation, odds are the wax ring needs to be replaced. It’s an easy enough repair, however you might need a little help lifting the toilet. You could save yourself upwards of $300 by fixing this issue yourself. Click here for more how-tos for toilet repairs.

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